Evangelization Plan

Good Shepherd Catholic School was established as the teaching arm of the Catholic Church in the Lockridge Parish.
The Good Shepherd Evangelisation Plan is borne out of the desire to make the faith experience a real and meaningful part of the daily lives of the school community.
All of the school’s endeavours are aimed at achieving the Vision Statement. The Vision Statement focuses the school’s efforts to enhance all gifts within the school community in order to bring all members closer to God and His Church.
The Evangelization Plan was established to formalise the ongoing work of the school in helping the community to rediscover the art of proclaiming the gospels in their daily lives.
Our relationship with God is the central point from which all activities flow.
Like revelation and Christian faith, Evangelization involves progressive stages.

Australian Religious Education- Facing the Challenges
by Father Holohan NCEC 1999. Pg 16.


a personal encounter with Jesus Christ; making oneself a disciple of him… to think like him, to judge like him and to live as he lived.    GDC 53


  1. The bringing of someone closer to God. The core of my being is my compass point for all eternity.
  2. The searching for my personal ideal in Christ.
  3. A process through which the Church cooperates with God’s act of self-communication. The calling of human beings to conversion and to faith in Jesus.  GDC 46-49


Evangelisation Plan 2014- 2017