School Calendar

The below term calendars are uploaded on the website at the beginning of the year and updated at the start of the current school term. They are intended as an overview for many events that will be occurring and are to be used as a guide only.  


Term 1 - Monday 1st February - Thursday 1st April  
Term 2 -
Tuesday 20th April - Friday 2nd July
Term 3 -
Monday 19th July - Thursday 23rd September (Monday 16th August - Pupil Free Day)
Term 4 -
Tuesday 12th October - Friday 10th December (Monday 8th November - Pupil Free Day)


Term 1 

Term 2 - Due to Covid-19, there are no school gatherings of any kind
Term 3 - DRAFT Based on Covid-19 Phase 4 Roadmap
Term 4 - DRAFT Based on Covid-19 Phase 4 Roadmap