Managing Student Behaviour

The Managing Student Behaviour Policy should be read within the framework of the school’s Pastoral Care Policy.

Each element of the Pastoral Care Policy aims to foster the total development of the child spiritually, emotionally, physically and educationally in a safe and caring environment.

The Managing Student Behaviour Policy affirms each child’s dignity and worth within an environment where they can learn from their decisions and develop an awareness of the consequences of their decisions.

For the child to develop and grow into a complete person they need to be able to:

  1. Take responsibility for their learning.
  2. Take appropriate risks in order to challenge themself to achieve his/her potential.
  3. Learn to display appropriate social behaviour patterns.
  4. Work co-operatively with staff and their peers.

The Managing Student Behaviour Policy provides a structure which encourages the child to:

  1. Value education.
  2. Accept responsibility for learning development and decisions.
  3. Learn from his/her mistakes.

Good Shepherd Catholic School endeavours to ensure the student accepts responsibility for his/her education and behaviour.
The Managing Student Behaviour Policy aims to:

  1. Develop the understandings that:
    1. Each child has a right to learn to the best of his/her ability.
    2. The teacher has a right to be respected.
  2. Provide an environment where the Gospel values are enacted.
  3. Provide structures through which the child can develop the understanding that decisions and behaviours have consequences.
  4. Encourage positive behaviours and attitudes.
  5. Provide procedures for addressing inappropriate behaviours.

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