Homework is an important extension of the GoodShepherdCatholicSchool program.

The regular practise of what is learnt in class and good study habits may lead to significant improvements in the student’s educational outcomes.

Regular monitoring of Homework provides the parent with a vehicle for monitoring their child’s learning.


Properly designed and implemented homework aims to:

  1. Foster in the child a responsible attitude towards learning.
  2. Develop self-discipline and good study habits within the child.
  3. Improve the child’s organization skills.
  4. Develop study patterns, which will be important for success in later education.
  5. Reinforce skills taught at school.





Homework Times

CLASS                                  TIMES

Years 1 - 3                    20 mins

Years 4 - 5                    30 mins

Years 6 - 7                    45 mins