Principal Mr Jim Di Carlo
Assistant Principals

Mrs Romina Chapman
Mrs Renae Butler

Finance Officer Mrs Adelina Kusabs
Administration Officer Mrs Jenny Lazzaroni

Classroom Staff

Kindergarten Miss Elesia Ranauro
Pre Primary B Ms Iolanda Di Ciano
Mrs Lisa Manifold – Tuesday
Pre Primary W Ms Jessica Farano
Year 1B Mrs Luisa Panaia
Year 1W Ms Amy Naylor
Year 2B Ms Jill Pearce 
Year 2W Ms Katie Webb
Mrs Stefania Musbah
Year 3B

Ms Katrina Wszola
Ms Siobhan Kelly - Tuesday

Year 3W Ms Vanessa Tarca
Year 4B Ms Bianca Cuticone
Year 4W Mrs Christine Caridi
Year 5B

Mrs Fran Atkinson 
Mrs Tianna Scibilia - Tuesday 

Year 5W Miss Kristen Pesce
Year 6B Mrs Cara Dilena
Year 6W Mrs Chloe Velliaris
Ms Siobhan Kelly – Thursday and Friday

Specialist Staff

Special Needs Coordinator Mrs Rachel Cairney
Gifted and Talented Ms Helen Lornie
Literacy Support Coordinator Ms Helen Lornie
Sports Coordinator Mrs Rachel Cairney
Science Coordinator Mrs Tianna Scibilia
EDO Coordinator Miss Katrina Wszola

Mrs Vanessa Reedman

Mrs Krystel Barlow

Library Mrs Rebecca Michaelson (History / Geography)
IT Coordinator Ms Iolanda Di Ciano
Education Assistants  



Mrs Kerry Cogdon
Mrs Helen Tomazin
Mrs Janet Klaver
Mrs Jackie Huntington
Mrs Jenny Lord
Mrs Melissa Vidovich
Mrs Wendy Pedulla
Mrs Siobhan Darge
Ms Michelle Glanville
Ms Caren Mahoney
Ms Tracy Mellican
Mrs Leanne Barns
Mrs Susan Ammendolea
Mrs Italia Vaccaro
Miss Angela Donisi
Mrs Helen Millard

Canteen / Uniform  Mrs Debbie Aden
Aboriginal Student Support Officer Mrs Maria Dzubiel
Groundsman Mr Vince Bentley
Social Worker / School Chaplaincy Mrs Ann Cutler